Conversational English

Get  over your fears and learn to speak fluent English in just few
weeks. Classes for  students and adults. Conversational English for daily use for Students of  Vernacular Medium and for practical use for Housewives.

Conversational English sessions include:-

Behavioral Counselling for children and adults

Behavioral  counselling for little angels and teenagers. Understanding their emotional and individual needs. Improving  scholastic achievements.

HANDLE WITH CARE YOUR DELICATE LITTLE ANGELS ‘You can make them or break them’

Parents take up the task of parenting for granted. They feel they are born with the traits and don’t need any suggestions or advises. They don’t even want to give a thought to the way they are doing the most important task of their life.

We as parents need to find out the problems or challenges faced by our children. We have to understand the reasons for those problems and look for solutions to solve those problems. We don’t have to label a child as the problem child rather we need to understand that he/she is a child with a problem and sometimes we could be the problem!!

We should have a list of do’s and don’ts of parenting and should follow them -



Nature and nurture go hand in hand. We have to make their roots strong enough to help them face challenges of life. 

Let us enjoy this beautiful journey with our little angels and see them growing into great adults.

English Grammar Classes

Reading and writing skills included (C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E.  and S.S.C. Board)

Workshops & Webinars